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Right to same role but given me extra?

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BurbGirl2013 Thu 20-Nov-14 13:00:30

I returned to work after 7 months maternity and negotiated a 4 day week/reduced hours and took a salary reduction because of this. I was told I would be resuming my original role.

A few weeks in I was called to a meeting and told I was actually expected to take on the admin duties of another PA for her boss, so she was able to concentrate on more serious tasks. This constituted roughly a 35% increase to my workload.
I was never told about this or had the chance to discuss this during my return to work meetings.

I have been back at work for 4 months now and find it hard to manage the increased work load of my new role ( not to mention said woman I work for has a very direct/rude/unappreciative attitude) and having tried to push back 10% of this- was met with quite a hostile, unsympathetic reaction.

Ive not raised this specifically (yet) , but am I right in thinking it was unlawful of them to have changed the nature of my role after returning to work, and not discussing this or even asking if I was ok with this?

I saw emails between colleagues which suggested they should approach me with caution given they knew adding in extra responsibilities to my role without having asked me at the point of return to work discussions was not the best practiced, so I know they were aware this was �cheeky� bit this fact seems to have now been forgotten and I'm just expect to juggle all these extra duties, which on a 4 day week with reduced salary.

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