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Should navigating the workplace be this hard?

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Niamhisnotarealname Wed 12-Nov-14 18:12:55

Iv been back at work after maternity now since January of this year, before i left i was pretty close to moving up the ladder and I did expect a bit of work to get back to where i was before i had 12 months off.

However since iv been back iv found it such hard work to get noticed again, i am finally in a position where i am looked on favorably again when i volunteer for projects but i feel a bit like some of the people i am being asked to work with think i'm just a little upstart that doesn't know much, even though iv been with the company for four years.

it doesn't help that since iv been away my manager had changed and a lot of the office dynamics seem to have changed.

I feel like i'm having to work really hard to get noticed, yet stop myself going to far in case i offend someone.

should it be this difficult? if not, i cant work out what i'm doing wrong, i try and be friendly and nice to people, but i do find social small talk difficult.

My manager is kind to me and is helping to pave my way back up to the top of the ladder, but i feel like i just need to talk about it, and really i cant be 100% honest with him as he is also someone i need to impress.

ProveMeWrong Thu 13-Nov-14 08:35:07

I don't have advice but do completely sympathise. I could have written your post last November. Exactly same situation on same timings even. I think the change of management is inevitable if you work somewhere corporate. But remember it won't be long until the carousel turns again and just as people forget you quickly when you've been away, in another year you'll be considered as a long term fixture and a guru. Just grit your teeth, keep doing what you're doing with good grace and it will hopefully come good. I knew I wanted another child so I just hopped of that carousel completely until I can get back and commit full time, as I felt I was wasting my precious time with my toddler by working my way up the greasy pole again only to be pregnant and have to prove myself yet again.

Niamhisnotarealname Fri 14-Nov-14 20:55:51

at lease I'm not the only one. I'm wondering whether I ought to do the same as I'm planning on being pregnant again next year.

but I'm so unhappy in my role without the extra projects.

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