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Meeting headteacher to discuss return to school after Maternity leave...(scared/nervous)

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Delicatebluebutterfly Tue 11-Nov-14 17:04:03

Hi all, have been on maternity leave 8 months so far and due to return around March 2015. Having a meeting with Head teacher tomorrow...I am very nervous about it, as ideally (in my dreams) I do not want to return but cannot afford to pay the half pay back which is around £3000. I have come to the conclusion that I may have to bite the bullet and return full time in order to work the 13 weeks in order to not pay the money back and then hand notice before May 31st and leave in July. If I go back part time, the 13 weeks doubles to 26! To give you some background history I was headhunted by the previous head but found the new head and SLT not very accommodating, hence not wanting to return. There was also another teacher there who worked part time because of her children and I don't think she was treated very well regarding her dedication to her children. I am scared this will happen to me too. Another of my worries is that I will not return to a role that I did before: Maths and Literacy set teaching in the morning and teaching languages in the afternoon. I understand through my union that they have to offer me a similar role, but what if they do not? I do not know how reasonable to be and whether to try and negotiate whilst being professional at the same time. Does anyone have any ideas/opinions/advice on my situation? Thanks for listening! smile

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