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Please tell me it's normal to have a mushy brain!!

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MrsBish Thu 06-Nov-14 13:48:53

I stopped working 8 years ago when my eldest was born. I have childminded for the past three years to earn some cash, but I knew this was not a long term career for me. In April I returned to office work where I have slowly built up hours and am now working three days a week.

I really enjoy the work, lots of variety, but I am becoming increasingly frustrated at how scatty and forgetful I am. BK (Before Kids!) I was an Office Manager within an IT department and was capable of 'spinning' many plates at once. I really thought I'd be capable of this again! I am not!

I forget stuff, I do things wrong. I have to as much communication as possible via email, so that there's a record of what was said, otherwise I forget. I'm left feeling rather stupid.

Please give me some words of comfort. How can I get better? I realise that BK, I lived and breathed work, so I knew everything that was going on. Part time seems quite difficult, it always takes me a little while in the morning to remember what I was doing the last time I was in!

Has anyone else struggled like this?!

Alixion Thu 06-Nov-14 21:41:05

I could have written this! I've been back for 2 months after ML returning to a new post at the same company and I feel like I'm going in slow motion! Not compared to anyone else but compared to myself BK!!

I too try to avoid phone calls as I have a complete blank if I don't write things down straight away.... sometimes my notes don't even make sense.... The shame!!!

Hopefully someone will come along soon with tips!!

Littlef00t Sat 22-Nov-14 21:08:53

Before you go at the end of each day give yourself 5 mins to write a to do list or a summary of what's going on for the next morning.

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