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What work can I do?

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kansasmum Mon 03-Nov-14 20:16:25

I've been a SAHM for the past 12 years. I qualified as a Registered nurse in 1990 and worked for 12 years and then we moved to the USA and I couldn't work so my registration lapsed.
I then had ds who is now 7. We returned to the Uk a few years ago.
I have considered doing a Return to Practice course but to be honest the thought of returning to hospital work terrifies me and friends who have stayed in hospital work say it's really different and most of them don't like it.
Dh travels a fair bit so 12 hour shift patterns would be a challenge and we have no family to help.
I currently work very part time as a support worker in a pre-school for my friend's ds who has Down's syndrome. He's a lovely lad but it's not a career I see myself doing long term.
I qualified 4 years ago as a massage therapist but haven't really done much with it.
I want to return to work but really have no idea where to start. Have thought of doing homecare work but I've done this in the past and didn't like it as never got enough time with the clients.
Any ideas??!

LIZS Mon 03-Nov-14 20:22:13

Work as a nurse in a school or care home, practice nurse, or as a LSA in a special school/unit

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