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Not going back to work in NHS - advice!

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dldl Sun 02-Nov-14 08:30:03


Was working for an NHS trust prior to maternity leave. I did think I would originally be going back after 9 months and so received occupational maternity pay. I have now decided I will not be going back.

I know I will now have to pay back the difference between statutory maternity pay and the occupational maternity pay I received.

Am I right in thinking that I will now be paid for the annual leave and public holidays I have accrued during my maternity leave? If so, shall I tell them that I wish to resign with effect from a full year after the start of my maternity leave to make the most out of it financially?!

Any other tips I should know?


Applejack2 Mon 03-Nov-14 20:10:37

Yes, they will have to pay you for the accrued annual leave. Check about public holidays though as our trust, and my previous trust, stopped allowing mums to accrue public holidays. Luckily, I had both of my children before this change was made.
I am not too sure about working your notice though. It depends on what band you are so, if band 6, I would give them notice of your intentions 8 weeks before you are due back. Full year, yes, as you will be paid for a full year of holidays.

AgentProvocateur Mon 03-Nov-14 20:16:12

Any other tips about how to get the most money from the public purse? hmm

dragonflyinthelillies Mon 03-Nov-14 20:16:50

In my trust you only have to return for three months to maintain omp, and working one bank shift a week counts.

It might be worth looking at whether it is an option to you as otherwise it's a lot of money to pay back.

UmmAbdillah Mon 03-Nov-14 20:22:02

I'm in same position so will be watching this thread! Full year ML ends in March but have now decided to give notice rather than return to work... Still need to calculate how much I owe back according to my Trust contract etc but I didn't realise about annual leave so thank you.

UmmAbdillah Mon 03-Nov-14 20:25:17

dragon my trust requirement is the same re: three months - although I think I possibly read somewhere it can be three months in any NHS trust not just the one employed at prior to maternity leave [my current home location will make commute back to previous work difficult with baby/childcare so one option is one day a week locum work locally if that covers the OMP]

duplodon Tue 04-Nov-14 16:39:47

I know someone who used up all annual leave and had some time unpaid and never physically had to go back but resigned at same time and didn't have to repay. I think in many clinical roles it is more disruption to the service to have you return for three months if you have been covered while away as you need mandatory training updates etc. She was absolutely upfront about it with HR and management and they arranged this.

dldl Wed 05-Nov-14 16:50:32

It is not about squeezing money from the public purse, thank you. I work very hard for the NHS and my salary certainly doesn't compensate me for the time, effort, overtime, nights, weekends etc that I do. My trust has a 3 month policy too...thought it was NHS wide and yes anywhere in NHS. It isn't an option for me to return. Our trust requires a minimum of 50% I believe upon returning but don't quote me on it...I have read so many terms and conditions in the last few days! Thanks for the help

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