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Does your nursery get Easter presents?!

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GeorginaA Wed 07-Apr-04 13:43:59

I'm probably being cheap and unappreciative or something here, so please feel free to shout me down! I'm just confused over the appropriate nursery ettiquette.

I've noticed that more than a few mums have been arriving at nursery and giving presents to the staff for Easter. Now, I'm not a big Easter present giver at the best of times so it just didn't occur to me.

I do appreciate the staff, but a) we did the Christmas gift thing end of last term (which I did do) and b) I'm more than happy to give a thank you gift when ds leaves (not this summer term, the next summer term), but it just seems a bit ... dunno... well I feel I'd be getting something because everyone else is rather than it's appropriate! I do pay for this nursery space (ds doesn't qualify for vouchers yet), so...

... I'm just being a tight-fisted cow, aren't I?

StripyMouse Wed 07-Apr-04 13:47:32

blimey - sounds a bit much to me. Just do what you feel comfortable with and no more, don’t allow peer pressure to get to you. As you say, it isn’t as if they are doing it as a favour, you do pay for it!! In all the years I worked as a teacher, never once did I hear of any member of staff getting Easter presents, Primary or secondary, and plenty were nice enough! Got loads of Christmas ones, but not Easter. Mine go to a playgroup and a toddlers group and no Easter presents/cards there, just the ones they made to take home for their mums and dads, oh and a pair of bunny ears each!

FairyMum Wed 07-Apr-04 13:47:58

I will just buy them a big box of easter chocolates to share. Don't worry too much, they probably have chocolate coming out of their ears. Perhaps you can just write them a nice card?

Debbiethemum Wed 07-Apr-04 13:48:45

No. we did Christmas presents and they have just had a leaving present. It never occured to me to give an Easter present - even though they got ds to make me one!!

yankiegirl Wed 07-Apr-04 13:49:38

I am in the same position. DH (he takes DS to nursery)told me one of the mums was giving out candy - so I feel I should, but again would be doing it out of guilt. I also pay for nursery and have been made redundant - so trying to watch the pennies.

I don't think you are being a tight-fisted cow

Bozza Wed 07-Apr-04 14:14:48

Hadn't occurred to me Georgina and TBH I'm not bothering even now that you;ve brought up the idea. Spent two evenings getting DS to make an Easter bonnet this week as it is - thats enough input from me.

GeorginaA Wed 07-Apr-04 14:19:29

lol... thanks all. Will save chocolates for MEMEMEME!

I do feel a bit like I'm fumbling around most nursery ettiquette, so I'm relieved to discover that I'm not the sole person in the entire country not to be giving out an easter present...

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