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Wanting to return to work

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JadeHolden4 Mon 25-Aug-14 09:14:33

Hi I'm new here smile

I have just had a baby girl (in feb) and I am now thinking of going back to work but would only be doing 12 hours maybe less as it's a housekeeping job my partner is currently receiving highest rate disability allowance and employment support allowance and I am in his esa claim, we are also receiving child tax credit but with me only working 12 hours I wouldnt be able to receive working taxcredits, who do I need to inform about me going back to work? Will our esa go down etc


goldsilver Tue 26-Aug-14 07:24:43

You would need to inform your job centre re the ESA claim. You can work up to 16 hours and as long as what you earn doesn't exceed £100 or thereabouts, you can keep that and no benefits are affected. This sounds like the perfect job for you.

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