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hopful Thu 21-Aug-14 22:47:05

I have a job I do not enjoy and want to retrain to be a counsellor. I have seen a job advertised for a (very part time) Support Group Facilitator (the group is for people with depression) you don�t need any qualifications to apply, and I thought it would be good experience and good for my CV for the future.

However, my current job and CV is all finance related, help

I have done a short spell on a telephone helpline for people with PND in between jobs so that�s something related but not much

I am currently doing an online counselling course and hope to start a diploma in Counselling next September (3 years). I want to mention this in my covering letter as it shows I am committed to helping others but I don�t what them to think I wouldn�t be committed to the job long term as that may put them off, can you suggest a way to phrase this?

EBearhug Thu 21-Aug-14 23:03:29

You need to look at your transferable skills and focus on those, so you highlight your skills and give evidence of how you've used those. You should have communication skills, organisational skills and so on, which I should think would be relevant. You can also use examples from your voluntary work.

Then list your work history in terms of job titles and dates at the end. Google functional CVs for examples.

hopful Sat 23-Aug-14 23:48:53

Thanks for the reply, I have spent the evening looking at functional CVs, my CV and the job spec and i'm strugling. I will work on it again tomorrow night but may be back for more advice then.

AnnaDanicka Mon 25-Aug-14 18:46:01

Don't despair. Working on CV is a tough and stressful job. Take it once chapter/ part at the time. And instead of staring at a page, do it..when you are washing the dishes- just clear in your mind few point that's you like to highlight about... let's say your last job. Once it's clear- note it down.
Take a break. And than move on to the next part.
I also have a financial background and for 3 years was a facilitator for a charity. They will love having you on board, you are usually a blessing to them.

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