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British Sign Language career ideas

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boogiewoogie Sun 17-Aug-14 17:14:15

Not had much luck posting this in chat so I'm trying again here.

Anyone ever did a course and used it in their work or career?
I did levels 1 and 2 a few years ago and I'm looking for work at the moment after having time out as an SAHM.

I'd really like to be a communication support worker to be able to use it again but it looks as if many places ask for level 3 at a minimum which I would happily do if there was a course nearby.

Pumpkinpositive Fri 10-Oct-14 20:40:26

Bit late to the party, and ever chance you will never see this!, but I would consider deafblind guiding as a first step. If you're in England or Wales, then Deafblind UK and Sense would be a good place to start looking at job vacancies.

There's also the Yahoo group Deaf UK Jobs which posts deaf related jobs from around the country.

Good luck! smile

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