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Lone parent full time work tips please

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NacMacFeeglie Fri 15-Aug-14 20:01:34

I have four dc all of which will be in primary school by the time I start my new job in September.

I have worked full time before. Unfortunately I had a breakdown for various reasons. I am in recovery now and looking forward to going back.

Does anyone have any tips to stay organised and limit stress in keeping the house cooking meals etc. I cook fresh and don't want to go back to living off frozen meals or tins. smile

BaconIsMyFriend Fri 15-Aug-14 20:58:46

Hi feeglie. FT working mum to two here and I do the following things which, I think, make this runs a bit smoother...

When DC are in the bath I supervise and clean the loo and sink/shower while they play

When cooking mash/bolognaise/chilli I make extra, freeze and defrost for other meals. Try a d do this at the weekend so I don't have to do so much midweek.

Make DC do chores at the end of the day like tidying their things out of the lounge and loading dishwasher/laundry so I don't have to do it all. With four they could do wonders for the housework! I get them to put their clean clothes away too when I've got all the dry washing.

LadySybilLikesCake Fri 15-Aug-14 21:10:21

You need a good wall planner. Write all of the birthdays/school activities/bill dates etc on there and pin it up. A calendar is OK but it helps to see what's going on for a few months down the line.

I cook supper whilst ds is doing his homework. I keep popping in to make sure he's not procrastinating, then we can have supper and some chill out time afterwards. School bag and uniform are put out the night before so there's no rush in the morning.

Chores are left until the weekend and I only do the basics. Once a month I'll do the big clean.

Remember to make some time for you too. You're not just a mum or an employee, it's important that you have some time to unwind.

MeMyselfAnd1 Tue 19-Aug-14 20:49:02

- tidy up each room before you leave it.
- cook twice as much of what you need and freeze half for another day.
- go to bed at the same time they children do.
- wake up an hour earlier so you can have some me time and be able to get ready calmly. Only wake up the children when you are done. (If I go to bed at the same time as DS, I'm up at least 2 hrs earlier than him. I use this time to do yoga/Pilates, read for a while and then get ready for work).
- get everyone on board, simple things like setting up the table, filling up a dishwasher, making beds, or separating the laundry by colours to put in the washer, are things that even young children can do. I know it is difficult but eventually it will pay off, you are training your team (and if really helps their self esteem to be trusted with some responsibilities).
- if they are not going away to visit their dad regularly, it is essential that you invest in some time on your own. Even booking a babysitter for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning could make all the difference.


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