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vanessalightyear Thu 14-Aug-14 09:59:54

Not done a proper CV for 10 years, what is the current best practise for format? Do people put pictures on and a personal summary or is that a bit meh?
Mine is 2x A4 with boring text list of jobs and education.
I've only had the standard 12m maternity leave and then went into a new job part time, so no big gaps but how do you present the part time aspect and make it clear thats what you are looking for? (Or do you, should you apply for FT jobs you like the look of with a view to negotiating?)

flopsytherabbit Thu 14-Aug-14 10:05:39

I looked at templates on recruitment sites like Monster for guidance.

Photos are a big no no.

CVs will be read by a scanner looking for key words, so you need to use the same wording from the Ad as in your CV. Eg. If they want Microsoft office, you put that in your CV - not word, PowerPoint etc.

Good luck!

vanessalightyear Thu 14-Aug-14 10:47:37

Thank you, I had no idea about CV scanners, brilliant info.

flopsytherabbit Thu 14-Aug-14 12:16:07

Sorry I can't help with the part time aspect - I've only worked FT, but I'm sure someone will come along who can help!

lilacmamacat Fri 15-Aug-14 20:56:59

Depends on your profession to a degree I think. I'm an architect and mine has a short summary/profile thingie, then name of employer with dates, under that a couple of lines of a sort of general job description and then a few bullet points of achievements in that role. Repeat as necessary.
I used to do a skills based CV but was persuaded that it didn't pin down specific tasks and achievements with specific jobs.

Re the part-time thing on your CV I wouldn't mention the fact that some of your jobs have been part time. I don't think it's relevant. You've still done the work and being PT doesn't diminish that. As for job ads, there are so few PT jobs (in my profession at least) that I would go for FT, not mention it until interview and then approach it from the 'how do you feel about flexible working' angle - possibly even leave it until they make you an offer if you feel really confident that they want you at all costs.

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