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maternity leave then going on the sick...!! advice?!

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pinklemonade87 Thu 07-Aug-14 22:39:25

Okay so my 9 months mat leave is up end of august... I haven't spoken to work yet about any new arrangements as yet...HOWEVER, due to childbirth related problems resulting in agonising prolapsed discs.. I may have to go on the sick as I'm crippled and there's no way I can work the way my back is. My back is getting worse rather than getting better.

So here's the question... As shallow as it sounds and don't judge me (money is money)... If I go on the sick once my maternity leave ends will I be entitled to my company's policy of 6 weeks full pay as I've been on maternity leave? Or will i just get statutory sick pay?

Also, how soon can I tell them. I'm going on the sick? Can I tell them while I'm.still on maternity leave?

And finally, will I be entitled to my accrued holidays if I'm on the sick.

It's confusing, please if someone's gone.on sick as maternity leave has ended... Let me know what you did? Or does anyone know?

I will also add, I've casually told my floor.managers whilst visiting work that I've been having problems with back and Im having a mri etc

mrscog Fri 08-Aug-14 08:47:59

I'm not sure. I would let them know sooner rather than later that you are having health problems, and it's likely that you will be signed off work. I think you will still be entitled to the 6 weeks full pay, and also accrued holidays, just as if you hadn't been on M/L but you should check this with Citizens Advice/Acas etc.

As a manager, I would want to be kept in the loop. I'd be much more annoyed if I'd planned for you to come back, terminated any cover agreements to end and then found out a couple of weeks before that you weren't well enough to work. However, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest if it was planned in.

flowery Fri 08-Aug-14 09:02:30

You need to check your sickness absence policy to see whether you will be entitled to sick pay, but probably.

You do continue to accrue holiday.

You tell them you will be off sick at the point you get signed off by the doctor, however it would be courteous to warn them you think this may happen.

BeckAndCall Fri 08-Aug-14 09:05:06

pink do you think you'll be well enough to go back to work anytime soon? If this is a permanent problem you may not be able to do your work long term - in which case you need to talk to work about making reasonable adjustments ( if possible) and you'd be better talking to them sooner rather than later. Is your employer big enough to have an occupational health team? They'd be able to help in this, as would the Hr team ( if you have one)

Just be aware though that from the employers point of view you have to be able to do your job in the longer term ( or they'll need a permanent replacement for you)

It sounds really rough for you - I hope you get some good news from your MRI

BranchingOut Fri 15-Aug-14 21:20:27

Just wanted to add support as that is a tough situation.

Any hope of physio? Surgery?

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