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Going back to work.

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Joybels Tue 05-Aug-14 00:06:36

Am really stuck, kids aged 6 and 10, would love to return to teaching, last taught before youngest was born. Husband is away Monday to Friday so a part time teaching job would be too hard. References far too out of date for supply which I used to love, Nursery to Year 2. I spent a year going to help out in a primary school one morning per week and the teaching they let me do went really well, they were not too generous with opportunities and a bit sniffy with me, but it gave me confidence. But the agency who set it up really messed me about and I have missed out on so many essential courses (child protection) that I'm still not on the supply register, and put off trying again. Have got volunteer jobs 2 mornings per week, and done a TEFL course in the hope of working through Skype, but still no job, and no jobs of any other kind that have predictable hours and pay enough for a child minder for 2 kids. Maybe work as a TEFL tutor from home, no idea if this would be worth setting up. I miss my old career, wish I had not given it up, but my youngest was a very hard baby with health problems. I am happy and busy at home, but I really miss having a career, and a bit of extra money. I could get qualified as a child minder as this is what I have been doing for family for years, and there is lots of work, and I'm good at it, but it's not what I want. Maybe I should apply to be a child minder and be grateful for the opportunity.

WaffleWiffle Tue 05-Aug-14 00:23:02

What about teaching assistant as a means to get back into education. You could then offer your school your services as a non agency supply when needed.

Joybels Tue 05-Aug-14 23:46:34

I have got my eye on the vacancies, but so far they all seem to be full time. But am guessing any school would pay me as a teaching assistant, but they might offer the courses and assessments to get me up to speed so I can get on the supply register. Good idea, thanks.

Joybels Fri 15-Aug-14 12:37:40

Even teachers who are up to date are working as assistants. And the ones I know in the job want to get out of it. Child minding is expensive to set up so I'm thinking of becoming a tutor, maybe TEFL or EYFS to Level 3ish. I have the space and would enjoy it. Any advice gratefully received.

Hebburnisaplaceonearth Mon 18-Aug-14 17:07:48

I'm in similar position. I plan to start volunteering as you did, and try to talk my way onto some staff meetings or courses. Sometimes you can put yourself through courses if you pay. Why do you need an agency, can you not talk to some schools directly?

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