Volunteering in a School, Role not what I hoped, Advice needed

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NFW Tue 24-Jun-14 20:28:13

I am hoping for a bit of advice. I sent my CV to a local secondary school asking to volunteer in an admin role. I had an interview and was offered volunteer work, then paid work in September. Today was my first day and instead of being in the school office or doing any admin work, they have me training to be a cover supervisor. This means standing in front of a class of kids, covering lessons for teachers who are absent.

While I am grateful to get a foot in the door of a school, I really feel that this is not a role I want to continue to work in. I am very shy, and get extremely nervous standing up there in front of everyone. I feel very uncomfortable and can’t imagine how I’ll ever be good at this. On top of that, I will be doing no admin work. I will never get to learn the admin systems and processes they use in schools.

The other problem is that cover is all about stepping in when the teacher is away so I will be working a day here and there and I really wanted to have a regular income in September when my DC starts school.

I feel like I need to tell them that my skills are better suited elsewhere, but I really don’t want to mess up before I’ve even started. Im considering sending a carefully worded email, asking if there is another role for me. Do you think this would be the best course of action? Im aware that jobs in schools are like gold dust. I also feel a bit of a failure, not having the guts to stand up there in front of the class and get on with it, but if I could think of the worse role in a school for me then this would be it! Help!

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 24-Jun-14 22:56:39

Goodness. You volunteered to do admin biut instead you'll be in charge of a class!

I don't know much about school jobs, but I suggest you bring it up with them. It isn't going to work for anyone if they need x and you can do y.

iK8 Tue 24-Jun-14 22:58:43

Are you sure they haven't got you mixed up with someone else? Because that really doesn't sound right.

Floggingmolly Tue 24-Jun-14 23:00:22

They haven't confused you with someone else, have they? I'd be less than impressed if my kids were being taught by some random (no offence to you personally!) who'd wandered in and offered to help with the admin shock

kilmuir Tue 24-Jun-14 23:00:36

Are you a qualified teacher/ high level TA? Sounds bit odd

NFW Wed 25-Jun-14 06:27:00

To be honest I thought the same, that they had mixed up my application with someone else! I have no teaching qualification, just a history working in admin and IT.

I think I'll send them a carefully worded email explaining the situation. I just hope they don't say thanks but no thanks. I've been out of work for 5 years and let me tell you it was quite a shock spending the whole day in the classroom. I would be much more comfortable replenishing the stationary cupboard at this stage! I just don't want to appear ungrateful and incapable.

hesterton Wed 25-Jun-14 06:30:33

Welcome to the world of education.

Now do you understand why teachers are striking to try and improve things for children?

OP tell them this isn't what you volunteered for and that you aren't suited to it. You deserve better and so do the students. You habe to be pretty tough and committed to be a successful cover supervisor.

gettingridiculous Wed 25-Jun-14 12:07:14

That's crazy! It's got to be a mistake surely? Please let us know!

gettingridiculous Wed 25-Jun-14 12:07:50

I volunteer and only get let loose on the photocopier or laminator!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 25-Jun-14 12:14:50

That can't be right! Either there has been a monumental cock-up somewhere or the head is an idiot (is it a free school?)

I don't know on what planet admin equates to teaching....

PeppermintInfusion Wed 25-Jun-14 14:07:19

I would phone instead, if you feel able to discuss it that way- there is the possibility for further crossed wires when going into it via email

Alixion Thu 26-Jun-14 19:43:20

Where I've worked previously a cover supervisor role is considered 'Support' rather than 'teaching' and therefore did not require a teaching qualification or even a teaching interest! It was madness! For the 3 cover sup. positions available at least 2 would drop out every academic year - it's the hardest job in the whole school. The most successful cover sups were those who were testing the waters before going on to do a PGCE etc.
I think the school is taking advantage of you OP - dropping you in at the deep end and offerring very little support. You should speak up asap and let them know you would like non-contact experience!

bunnybing Fri 27-Jun-14 19:06:42

They're obviously desperate for cover supervisors - and they are taking the piss. Don't do it!

Etah Fri 27-Jun-14 19:19:04

Why you did not ask them when they threw you in a classroom?

Supermum222 Sat 28-Jun-14 17:31:45

It sounds like someone has got their wires crossed. Say something ASAP!

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