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Want to move from journalism to PR

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lucysnowe Thu 10-Apr-14 13:44:54

Hi all

My background is in technical magazines, but jobs are a bit thin on the ground at the mo. I wondered how common it was to move to the other side of copy writing and PR? What kind of additional qualifications would I need and what's the market like? Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks smile

babamummy Fri 11-Apr-14 09:22:28

Sorry, not in PR myself but my husband worked in PR for years (more recently moved over to marketing). He knew a fair few people who made the switch from journalism to PR. I think that the writing skills of a journalist, that you know what a journalist would be looking for in a story and in your case technical knowledge would all be sought after. I don't know of them having done any additional qualifications (my husband has a degree in PR but I think that's very unusual). Would you be looking to do in-house PR or for an agency? I think the job market would very much depend on what sector you work in. Hopefully someone will be along soon with direct experience.

lucysnowe Fri 11-Apr-14 12:45:05

Thanks baba! That's really good to hear. It seems that most people just apply for jobs on the off change?

I think in-house would be better than agency (a bit less stressful and more writingy?) but some agencies specialise in my subject so they might be a possibility.

jonnyappleseed Thu 17-Apr-14 11:21:31

Hi I have worked at several PR agencies and worked in house over 20+ years. As a journalist you must have a long list of PR contacts and a fairly good understanding of the PR people you admire and would like to work with and those you wouldn't. Go speak to a senior agency contact such as an MD or group director and discuss your skills, contacts and aspirations for a PR role. I have had this conversation with journalists and writers several times. Sometimes it has worked extremely well, others not so much. It depends on the fit with your knowledge and the clients of the agency.

lucysnowe Thu 08-May-14 17:24:15

Hi jonny - thanks, that is really useful. Time to do some networking smile

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