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Is it bad to want a non-customer facing role?

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SmellyMince Thu 10-Apr-14 02:12:38

Hi all, fellow jobhunter here smile
To cut a long story short, I have years of experience working in retail and hospitality, all in customer-facing roles (waitress, shopfloor sales etc), and I have been very good at it & been complimented for my friendly helpful manner...BUT, I really cant say Ive enjoyed it. I have been the happiest when Im am working "behind the scenes," such as stocktaking, overnight cleaning, and working as a kitchen assistant which I absolutely loved. I really wanted to keep on working in the kitchen but I was kept on front of house instead as they needed me there to train others.
Its not that I am antisocial, far from it, but I just enjoy being able to get through a list of practical tasks without any selling to customers involved at all.

How do I emphasise this in a job I may be going for, so it is seen as a positive thing? thanks smile

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