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Any chance for a 40yrs old mum to get an entry-level job?

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hotwinter Wed 09-Apr-14 21:08:08

Having a baby has turned my world upside down and that I am no longer able to work in the Far East where I come from. My husband does not want our son grows up there and obviously I cannot travel
I've been a working person all along and I can't bear the thought of being at home full-time. I really want to work. I am thinking about studying an accounting qualification and apply for an entry level job in the accounting/finance sector. I wonder if I can get one at my age? I am willing to work unpaid for a while to gain experience if that is what it takes.
Any mum has experience in that sector please share your thoughts. Many thanks

HolidayCriminal Tue 15-Apr-14 09:41:35

You can't know if you don't try.
Do you want accounting or book-keeping?
My impression of accounting is that PT jobs are very rare & frowned upon, but book-keeping is an excellent way to get PT work.

Supermum222 Wed 30-Apr-14 06:31:22

I have worked in the NHS for 18 years and seen quite a few 30 and 40-somethings start a new career (and do well).

KiaOraOAotearoa Wed 30-Apr-14 06:51:05

There is no such thing as 'you can't'. Ever. smile

Debbiefishercoaching Fri 09-May-14 12:12:17

Your age will to prevent you getting work. Age = experience which is what employers look for. Just ensure you present the best version of you and what you have done in job applications, cvs and in interviews.

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