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14 Month Old DD first day at nursery coming up - I'm a bit nervous - what's your experiences ?

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Bobsmyaunty Mon 07-Apr-14 14:48:00

I've just been offered a part time job which is 2.5 days a week. DD will be with my mum for 1 day most weeks and others 2 to 2.5 days at nursery.

I'm REALLY nervous about settling in days and then the final goodbye as I go off to work. She's sociable but quite mum-clingy. Everyone keeps telling me they get used to it and love it.

I'm just a bit scared she will cling to me and cry her eyes out and that will be it for me! Any experiences of settling in and first nursery days very gratefully received!

Haahoooo Mon 07-Apr-14 14:55:03

It will be fine! It might be a bit difficult at first, but I'm sure she'll love playing with other children and different toys, and doing all the activities nursery organises!

DD started properly at 12 months although we did quite a bit of settling in before that. First I stayed a few times, then I stayed but was out of sight in the staff room, then I went into town for an hour or two.

From only a few weeks in she's been absolutely fine, completely understands she's going to nursery but I will be back to pick her up, and goes to the staff for a cuddle when she arrives. It's given her a lot of confidence, and a lot of English too (we use other languages at home).

She's now 19 months so the next thing will be moving to a different room with bigger children....

Good luck!

threepiecesuite Mon 07-Apr-14 15:01:34

Schedule her first settling in days while you're still off work. That way, if she's upset and you are, you're not dealing with the double whammy of starting a new job at the same time.

It dawned on me quickly that although I said what time she normally had lunch, nap etc, they all have to fit in with the nursery routines, so this might take her a bit of adjustment. Oh, and expect her to fall asleep in her dinner a few times at the beginning, it's a long day of play and stimulation for a little one.

Bobsmyaunty Tue 08-Apr-14 18:59:57

Thanks for your replies- made me feel a lot better.
Settling in starts next week and I hope that settles me in too!

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