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When to tell manager

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Equimum Mon 07-Apr-14 12:30:38

Hi. Before having DS I worked 6 hours per week for the NHS (alongside studying for Postgrad degree). When I got pregnant, I told my manager I would hand my notice in, as I would!'t be bale to fit the job in once I had a baby. I previously did the hours in the evening and couldn't get childcare to fit.

Anyway, my manager pushed me (and I mean pushed) me to take maternity leave rather than resign. She suggested that when I go back, I do one Saturday in four, so 3 hours per month.

The time to return on now coming up and I really don't have time to fit the job in, and working 3 hours per month is more trouble than it's worth (to everyone, I imagine!).

I am, therefore, only planning to return for the 13 weeks that I need to do in order to avoid repaying maternity pay. Should I tell my manager from the outset that this is my plan, or just give her the one month notice I have to?

I feel reall y as soon this, but I ain't just repay the money.


ChaffinchOfDoom Mon 07-Apr-14 12:33:46

don't tell her anything you don't need to: you may change your mind. give it a go for the 13 weeks, and see what you think then. If you want to hand in notice, talk to her/him then

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