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Negotiating salary rise after mat leave?

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babsie007 Thu 03-Apr-14 21:59:17

I started back to work on Tuesday after 3 months mat leave. My daughter is 9 weeks old.

I have been speaking to my line manager for quite a number of months now as I feel I have been overlooked for promotion on a number of occasions and I'm also very unhappy with my salary. He has done nothing!!

I ended up going direct to the director on Wednesday this week as I know he holds the purse strings. I feel I have put my case forward (I work in sales and had an exceptional year last year). I have told the director how much I would like (in terms of progression and salary) . He is considering what he can offer me and is coming back on Wednesday next week.

I don't expect he will come back offering me what I want, but I'm not 100% sure how I should go about the salary negotiation. Should I hold out for what I really want in the knowledge that I might have to walk away? Negotiating a sale is much different to negotiating a salary, so I'm a bit stumped really.

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