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RSI - must change work. PLEASE help with ideas?

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artylady14 Thu 03-Apr-14 10:42:56

Hi, I'm driving myself to distraction trying to think of new work to do part-time. I have just been treated (steroid injection) for tendonitis in my right wrist and advised to change my work (ie keyboard). I was an administrator and do want to change but cant think what to do now that will give my hand a complete rest to heal. Im TTC as well and want to be well before I do have a child of course. Even writing this has hurt! Thank you

sixlive Thu 03-Apr-14 22:50:05

I typed with my left hand for quite a while! Pregnancy can make it better or worse, I had better with one and worse with the other. A special keyboard and mouse mat has made it bearable.

artylady14 Sun 06-Apr-14 21:33:28

Gosh really? I never thought about pregnancy changing something like this. I am typing with one hand but its no fun.

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