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application form - professional job - could you put two referees both from current job?

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TiredFeet Sun 30-Mar-14 20:14:58

Applying for a possible next (professional) job. I've been in this one 3 years, before that one I had a very part time job unrelated to my career whilst ds was small/I recovered from illness. So any prior referees from my career would relate to a time over 5 years ago now (plus I left because they mishandled my illness). They ask for two referees who are able to confirm my suitability for the job, and that it must cover the past 2 years. So would it be ok to put both my line manager and my head of department from this current job?
To get a reference from my v part time job seems unhelpful to them, and anything else would be such a long time ago. But not sure how this would be viewed?
Sorry this is a bit waffly, got a poorly baby!

apieceofcake Sun 30-Mar-14 20:23:22

Many employers now (particularly medium or larger ones) don't confirm anything apart from length of time you worked for them and job title. References are written by hr to confirm these details. Managers are not authorised to provide anything further on behalf of the company so the hiring company here may be a little optimistic hoping to get confirmation about suitability. You might get a friendly manager to write a "personal" reference for you..... it might be worth checking what your current companys policy is.... If its time and title then a quiet approach to a friendly manager may be the next step....

TiredFeet Sun 30-Mar-14 21:47:11

that's interesting. I work for a fairly large (public sector) employer.

is it the normal etiquette to ask in advance if I want a personal reference rather than solely hr reference then? I would really rather not ask in advance as I am not desperately seeking a new job if that makes sense, I'm just applying for jobs that might progress my career if they come up (this is the first!).

I suspect my previous employers would only confirm factual details now after such a long gap though.

flowery Mon 31-Mar-14 11:09:38

Bit of a leap to assume the policy at the OPs place of work is that references are job title and dates only, and that managers are not authorised to provide them.

Yes OP two management references from your current employer may be acceptable to the new employer, and from my point of view would be most useful.

Courtesy is certainly to ask before giving someone's details as a referee, and you can ask at the same time what the internal policy is on references if there's nothing in the handbook.

References are normally taken up once an offer is made, so at the point you get an offer, you can ask your potential referees, then give their details to the new employer.

TiredFeet Mon 31-Mar-14 13:36:03

Thanks flowery, that's really helpful smile

poocatcherchampion Thu 03-Apr-14 15:38:14

agree with flowery. good luck op

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