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returning to the nhs

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tortoisesarefab Fri 28-Mar-14 18:05:56

hi, i worked for the nhs for 11 years and then left to have 2 babies. i am considering going back to the same job but does anyone know if i will still get my 10yr + holiday entitlement and if i will still get paid at the same level i was when i left? i was top band 5. thanks

Germgirl Fri 28-Mar-14 18:09:07

Check the Agenda for Change handbook (it's online) but I think you can only have a 1 year break in service if you're going to keep your 10 year holiday entitlement.
As for the position on the pay band, if you got a job you should be able to negotiate that. Again, I'm not 100% sure but the handbook will help you.

midwifeandmum Fri 28-Mar-14 18:17:42

I agree with pp, you will probably lose the 10year holiday. The maximum is 1 year after leaving. My sister has returned to midwifery (same ward as me lol) after 3 year break and had to do a return to practice. She lost entitlements. But read the nmc website, very useful info there

tortoisesarefab Fri 28-Mar-14 20:22:57

thanks everyone, that is annoying. will have a read of those guidelines when i get chance.

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