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Training as a plumber

(2 Posts)
lucyintheskywithdinos Thu 27-Mar-14 16:16:49


I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge/useful links that I can't find about training to be a plumber.

I have applied for the Level One course, but I need some information about costs and if there is any funding available for childcare. I'm a single parent with three children.

isisisis Thu 27-Mar-14 20:11:07

Talk to the college you've applied to. My friend is the business manager for a school of construction in the south east & she answers these kind of questions all the time. I think the rules/funding changes constantly so I'd try & get the info from them so it'll be up to date. She usually has a couple of female mature students (sorry if you're neither) & they generally do really well.

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