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Relocated twice for hubby company

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AnnaLM Thu 27-Mar-14 06:48:15

Please help by offering some support and womenly love. I am 45 have moved twice within eight years for my husbands company last time over 200 miles to a place i would certainly not have chosen. Within the company i applied for a position got down to the final 2 and then failed to get the job. The anger and hurt i feel i cannot put in to words :-( i just want to escape but have no where to go. I can see i will be here for the next ten years at least as my children are between 12 and 2

SanityClause Thu 27-Mar-14 06:56:01

You do sound down!

What do you want to escape from? The place? Being a SAHM? Your husband?

If its the place, and/or being a SAHM, can your DH look for a job in a place you would prefer to live, with better work prospects for you?

AnnaLM Thu 27-Mar-14 09:59:26

I now live in a part of the country i would never have chosen to be :-( there is no engagement with the company so you are not recognised as being part of the bigger team. I am gutted that i put so much time effort and energy into applying for the position. I have given up so much

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