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Bedsheets4knickers Wed 26-Mar-14 20:27:28

Cv's what's the point I could write Absolutely anything.
No one checks school grades
The 2 companies I was with went into liquidation.
I've been doing abit of casual work for a friend but to get myself on the system I have to give them my cv .
What is the point???

GhettoPrincess Thu 27-Mar-14 03:51:02

There's lots of points.

Have you written your Basic Information details i.e. name, address, phone number etc ?

Write down the names of the companies you worked for and how long you were employed. It's not your fault that they went into liquidation. It's proof on your work history that you were employed. Still write down the names of the referees from this time. Company liquidation is no concern of yours. This is your cv for your future employment.

No one checks school grades ? OK, maybe they don't but you still did the course work etc and are entitled to write down your subjects and grades.

(I've sat papers for further education certificates, they've no more been checked than fly in the air by a prospective employer. Who cares ? I still did the work. I can supply a photocopy of the certificate if they want. They still wouldn't check if it was fraudulent. Oh you gotta laugh !)

Don't forget this is YOUR c.v.

You are currently employed. Don't play this down. This is your current referee as well. So you've got one current and live referee.

OK, you could write what you like but I would suggest being truthful would be better.

Good luck

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