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Going back to work as a now non single mother

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Mummytofreddie Tue 25-Mar-14 11:59:42

Hi guys I'm new to mums net so I apologise if I make any mistakes on where I starts threads,

Basically I want to know if I would still be entitles to help when I go back to work. My partner left
Me when I was only a couple of months pregnant, I met a close friend while pregnant and after having my little boy and him being 5 months old I started a relationship with this "friend" I never knew he had feelings for me as he didn't feel it was right to share them whilst I was pregnant, anyway my little boy is now one and we want to move In together, he stays a couple of night a week but I'm far to confused with the rules of how long a partner can stay whilst I'm on benefits so we have decided to look into myself going back to work and us doing the whole moving in together legitimately, he works full time and takes home a wage of about 900pcm, I've been advised my family to work part time and put my little boy into day care, my question is, will I be entitled to any help with benefits once we officially move in together and I work part time whilst he has his full time job.

Many thanks

Liv Xxx

Babyroobs Tue 25-Mar-14 20:58:44

Yes I imagine on his low wage you would get help with childcare costs although it's hard to say how much without knowing what job you will get and what you will be earning. As long as you both work 16 hours a week and your childcare provider is Ofsted registered then you should get help.If your joint wages are less than £26k then you will also get some help with child tax credits. Or you could look for a job which perhaps fits around his working hours so that you can save on childcare costs.

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