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Deathwatchbeetle Sun 23-Mar-14 09:03:59

Not looking for help but just wondering.

Am I the only person who absolutely cringes at these???

I know how it works - if you are applying for a cut throat, thrusting kind of job (I dunno - finance/advertising?) more aggressive traits are needed. The timid need not apply.

In the post I am applying for you need more people pleasing skills but some of my answers are making me cringe! I feel like a whipped puppy!!!

You have to say what most and least describes you.

For instance:

brave inspiring submissive timid

I am not particularly brave and do not think I can inspire people. I feel too much already from filling in the form to admit to being submissive so have put timid. Oh Gawd!!!

I can see in the world of Advertising or maybe even someone working with a charity thinking up new ways to get the ££ in can put inspiring.
Firefighters should put brave.

The job is looking for someone who is helpful and good with people in a shop but one where patience and understanding is key, so I am not worried how they will view me from this form. I don't think my answers will horrify them, just me!!! It is just me wince-ing.

How do you feel when you feel these things in? I particularly want to hear from others who are not particularly confident and not in one of the more 'aggressive' jobs.

I mean one of the words is soft-touch!!! I would never admit to that!! Who would????

I am not a stay at home/going back to work mum. I am not a mum at all and have been redundant since August (but have had family issues).

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