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Have i given up my right to my own job by applying for a promotion?

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louisepimm Fri 21-Mar-14 13:14:01


I work for a local Council and while I've been on maternity leave, our team has been reviewed - they decided to delete every post in the team and set up an entirely new structure with new posts, and we were all asked to send an 'expression of interest' for the posts we would like to be considered for.

Although technically my post was deleted, there are very similar jobs to my previous job in the new structure, and the chance for a promotion to a 'Senior' version of my previous job too.

I was told by my manager that HR thought that if the interview dates were scheduled before the 1st April, that I wouldn't have to interview for the equivalent role to my previous job, and it would just be given to me automatically.

I was also told by my manager to apply for everything i was interested in, so i have applied for both the equivalent and the promotion, but since i submitted the expression of interest she has told me that by expressing an interest in the promotion, I've given up the chance of getting the equivalent role automatically, I will have to complete a competitive interview for both roles.

The interviews are supposed to be happening next week, I've set up a meeting with HR to get advice, but I just wondered if anyone here could give me any advice, I'm so confused!!

My maternity leave started in June 2013, my official return to work date is 1st April 2014, but I'm taking accrued annual leave and actually returning to the office on 1st May.

noblegiraffe Fri 21-Mar-14 13:25:40

I think they are on shaky ground, they have to guarantee you an equivalent role, so if you interviewed for both and failed to get either then you would be left without a job which they can't do.

maggiethemagpie Fri 21-Mar-14 16:25:38

Your manager is talking rubbish, they need to consider you for your preferred choice (the promotion) but if this is not suitable, slot you in to a job at the similar level - if this is before you return from mat leave. You basically get preferential treatment over others who are at risk. After your mat leave they need to consider you alongside everyone else in the same boat. Can you ask to speak to hr in confidence to clarify the procedure?

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