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Parish Clerk job - how many hours a week do you reckon for this salary?

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MsMowbray Mon 17-Mar-14 14:41:31

£4060 pa. Current clerk reckons he works 5 hours a week, but I think this is a salary for about 8 hours a week.....the difference is small in hours, but great in terms of manageability for me! And if you ARE a parish clerk, can you give me some clues as to whether it would realistically be many more hours in the first year or so, as you found your feet?

stc70 Mon 17-Mar-14 15:03:50

Hi, I am a parish clerk, I do 25 hrs a week and get c£16k (after passing CILCA). I think a lot of parish clerks are paid according to the NJC salary scales, that also tells how to work out the hourly rate if that helps. Look on the SLCC and NALC websites as well as these are useful. My advice would be to make sure you get a written contract with the hours etc clearly defined...

Re the first year, it depends on two things - how many amenities your parish has and therefore what you need to learn the laws about (burial ground, playground, allotments etc) some are more time consuming that others - and if the parish has it's policies and procedures up to date ( I do know of one new clerk who had to almost start from scratch and this would be very time consuming!)

Good luck if you decide to take it on! It is a very varied job, no two days the same.....

MsMowbray Tue 18-Mar-14 14:44:21

Thank you for that....I suspect it may be more than 5 hours, looking at those figures.

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