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Part time work in Surrey

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MammyShirl Fri 12-Mar-04 23:25:00


Not sure if im allowed to do this so if not - i am very sorry and just remove this thread >>>

Unfortunately I've been made redundant as my company is closing down.

I look after Business Affairs for a Record Label. I've worked in the Music Industry for the past few years and also have five years experience of working directly with people with disabilities.

I need to find part time work two days a week. I really dont fancy signing up with Recruitment Agencies, I have horrible memories of them just after leaving college and all those horrible tests that make you feel thick!

Any suggestions?

MammyShirl Fri 12-Mar-04 23:41:37

I will sign up to recruitment agencies if i have to - anyone want to advise which are the best?

MammyShirl Sat 13-Mar-04 20:06:47


miranda2 Sun 14-Mar-04 20:27:36

Hmm, I think I'd go with the recruitment agencies. Don't know Surrey (I'm in the northeast), but my brother has been out of work recently and recruitment agencies were very helpful. What about temping as a stopgap? My sisters have both done it for years (eventually leading to a fulltime job not as a secretary for one), and it is quite lucrative - you could try a temping agency (and neither of them had specific secretarial skills like a typing speed or anything, just general computer literacy from writing essays etc and some common sense!). Good luck...

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