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Pro-rata pay - how do I work it out?

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schoolvolunteer Fri 07-Mar-14 22:45:38

OK I always use a salary calculator thing that tells me how much my take-home pay would be. However, I am now trying to calculate how much pay I would take home in the following scenario:

£16,000 pro rata at 17.5 hrs a week BUT working only term-time for a total of 32 weeks (it's a university admin job). You are expected to work the 32 weeks which are during term-time and not take holiday obv. during this time.

So I know it will be £8000 pa BEFORE deductions for the fact that it's only 17.5hrs but how does the fact that it's only 32 weeks affect the calculation.

I am just curious. Probably won't even get an interview but would be good to know just in case!

MoreBeta Fri 07-Mar-14 23:00:00

Is this your only annual income?

If so, you will be below the Personal Allowance threshold for paying income tax.

Employees National Insurance kicks in over £111 per week at a rate of 12%. So you will be 12% NI on about £2200 of your income which is about £264 in total.

GoodEggy Fri 07-Mar-14 23:05:21

There's a really good website which does all the hard work for you:

The Salary Calculator:

schoolvolunteer Fri 07-Mar-14 23:19:36

Yes MoreBeta, this would be my only annual income (apart from child benefit). And GoodEggy the salary calculator website is the one I've been using grin. So I know it will be peanuts and no tax to be paid BUT I can't work out how much I will be taking home a week IYSWIM?? I input the annual salary, and put in the hours per week but what about the fact that it's only 32 weeks? I don't know whether I would receive a weekly/monthly pay-packet - I'm imagining that would be the case (pro-rated over the year). I can't imagine that it would be only paid out during the periods I worked and then I wouldn't receive anything during July and August.

There is no mention (unsurprisingly) of a holiday allowance. Am assuming there isn't one?

MrsKranky Fri 07-Mar-14 23:24:00

It would be around £92.00 gross per week over 52 weeks, based on a standard week being 35 hours.

Annual salary/52 weeks a year, /35 hours a week gives hourly rate.

Hourly rate * 17.5 hours a week * 32 weeks a year = annual salary /52 for weekly or /12 for monthly pay.

Does this help?

MrsKranky Fri 07-Mar-14 23:27:15

£94.67 a week take home in fact, you'd be under tax threshold?!

Gross annual would be £4923.08

schoolvolunteer Sat 08-Mar-14 01:01:46

Thanks everyone. Am doing the sums for going back to work. Just did the sums for a full-time job I'd applied for and when I factored in the childcare for the average school week and then the holidays I would not clear more than £400 per month.

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