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Less hours but longer commute - is it worth it?

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SleepymummyZzz Sun 02-Mar-14 15:38:27

My DS has just turned 3 and I have been looking for a part time role in my field since my return from mat leave 2.5 years ago. I haven't enjoyed my job from the start even prior to having my son, long hours, bully of a boss and lack of career progression but convenient location in nearest town (40 minute commute max). I have submitted two flexible working requests to reduce my hours which have been ignored and am desperate to leave. Problem is I live in a very rural area and there are very limited opportunities locally. I have several roles that are part time and would be a good move career wise but they would mean a longer commute to the nearest city (1.5 hours each way). What to do?!! Has anyone experience of a longer commute and was it worth it? If anyone has any wisdom to share be very grateful :-)

3littlefrogs Sun 02-Mar-14 15:45:03

I travel an hour each way.
I work fewer hours, but more money than my last job as I am at a higher grade.
For me it is worth it, but my DC are much older.
I enjoy the journey as I regard it as time to myself!

What will the journey be like? Will it be stressful or peaceful?
What will the impact of travel costs be on your take home pay?
What would happen if you had to get home in an emergency?

In the long term I would always consider some sacrifices for a good, enjoyable job and promotion well worthwhile.

IsolaRossa Sun 02-Mar-14 15:45:46

It would depend on how much you want to reduce your hours, and the cost of the longer commute, in your case.

I have a long commute. It's about an hour and a bit. It was 35 minutes, but I accepted a longer commute in return for a better job and better salary. It has more promotion prospects and I could always move closer in a few years.

For you, you'd be giving up your current job to have more time - so it feels odder to then increase your commute, giving up what time you do have. If it's really your only option, though, you might think it's worth it.

morethanpotatoprints Sun 02-Mar-14 15:51:10

Sorry, I'm not usually a pedant but can't help it
FEWER hours.

If you can manage the longer commute and want to improve your career then you should go for it.

If you just want a job, not necessarily career development, then stick it out until something better turns up.

Chocolateteabag Tue 04-Mar-14 03:22:11

I have the reverse!

Also live in the sticks but have an hour long commute to a vv good job. The drive is pretty stress free except when rushing back to pick up DS and there is a crash blocking the road.

I've requested part time (70%) when I go back after having ds2 (am currently on ml). But tbh I will also be looking for a part time role nearer to home which would be a big career killer I think.

For me - even though my commute isn't bad, it's still a huge chunk out of my day and just not sure how I'd manage when ds1 goes to school next Sept.

But still to see if part time request will be accepted....

Mandy21 Wed 05-Mar-14 17:10:44

I have a 60 mile commute each way - its about 1hr 20 mins if I leave v early.

I think you need to consider how you will manage child care - drop off and collection, particularly when school starts because that is obviously earlier than nursery. Can your H help? I worked 3 days when they were little (have now gone up to 4 days) but on the days when the commute seemed hard work I knew that I'c have 2 days at home with them. I did however need H to be ready to step in if there was a crash / accident that caused a delay.

I think if you've hated the job since you started, it will only get worse. I would take up the job with the longer commute, see how it goes and see what other opportunities come along as a result.

Good luck.

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