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Back to work with a sleep-resistant baby :-/

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Sunnysummer Sat 01-Mar-14 09:30:17

Has anyone done this? I am meant to head back shortly when DS is nearly a year old, but am increasingly concerned about how we will cope with sleep. How did you manage? Would you have taken an extra 6 months (or more) if you did it again? Or come back part time? How did you share the load with your partner?

DS is still up 10-15 times a night, driven by medical problems, and if something like teething is added in we can have 5 hour scream sessions at night (sleep tips very welcome, but please believe that we have tried good habits, bad habits, sleep schools and so-called baby whisperers, our paediatrician suggested we may just have to wait until 18-24 months and he grows out of his issues). He doesn't settle for DH, so it's just me. Currently I can function ok but am still a bit zombie-ish a few times a week, and my usual job is very demanding (though not life-and-death!).

DS would hopefully miss me - I know I'll miss him like crazy confused - but we have a place with a lovely childminder, who has been fantastic with my friend's DCs. Personally I love being at home with DS for now, but am at least lucky enough to enjoy my work and colleagues, and would be really helpful for my career to be back, especially as we hope to have more children soon. Financially we would be a lot more comfortable, but we could continue to manage for a while longer on one income if needed.

Sorry for the essay, just wanted to explain properly and get your thoughts! Am feeling very confused blush

Claraloumum Sat 01-Mar-14 11:19:34

We had the same problem!! We tried everything! Controlled crying was a disaster- she developed awful separation anxiety as a result. My husband worked nights so I was on my own too. And I had 3hr round trip commute. It was a nightmare! In the end I took dd into bed with me and I think the extra security/ cuddles eventually worked and she started to sleep 4hrs in a row. It took months but she now goes down no problem to her cot and sleeps all night - with a few dummy searches the odd night.
All I can say is it does get easier as they get older.

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