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Flexible working request- if refused am I still obliged to repay mat pay if don't return?

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MildredH Thu 27-Feb-14 23:46:09

Asking quite last minute for advice on offchance anyone around to help..

Meeting HR tomorrow. I work as a hospital doctor in a junior-middle grade training role which generally comprises in reality a 55-60 hour working week with lots of out of hours on call commitments.

I would like to return to work part time, ideally working only about 20-24 hours a week while my dd is small.

I will ask for less than full time training. There are two issues with this- firstly, I've heard it's a bit of a battle to get it approved and secondly, I believe it's a minimum of 60% of the normal working pattern which is really more than I want to work with unpredictable hours which I will struggle to find childcare for.

My questions is this- am I right in thinking you can ask for hours to suit your family life? If so, if they are not able to provide this and thus you can't return to your old job are you still obliged to pay back mat pay?

If I can't get a working pattern to suit I will likely do bank shifts for the hospital but I worry about having to pay back my occupational mat pay.

Sorry for the ramble! Any advice gratefully received.. This is causing sleepless nights over and above that of having a two month old dd..

noblegiraffe Thu 27-Feb-14 23:53:38

You have the right to request flexible working, but they have the right to refuse if they can provide business reasons for doing so.

If you quit you'd still have to pay back any extra maternity pay.

TheScience Thu 27-Feb-14 23:53:40

I would think you would have to repay it yes - I doubt they are obliged to provide you with the hours you want.

You have a right to request flexible working, and they have a duty to consider it. However, if they have genuine reasons for turning it down then they can.

MildredH Fri 28-Feb-14 00:09:09

Thank you for the speedy replies. Had feared that maybe the case. I want to continue working for the hospital. My contract says you must return to a permanent role in the nhs. I'm hoping maybe they may agree that me committing to a certain number of shifts a month. Fingers crossed.

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