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Lack of confidence

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Whereisme Thu 27-Feb-14 15:46:16

I went back to work about 5 weeks ago after being a SAHM for 4 1/2 years. I am really enjoying my job, but feel so unconfident! I have gone back to where I used to work but in a completely different role. This role is very new and only started about a year before I got the job. This is great as I can shape and develop my role, but on the other hand there seems to be some confusion between my bosses about what my role entails. I find it difficult to know if some of the work that I am asked to do s within my remit. I don't want to turn down work, but also don't want to be taken advantage of! I have asked my line manager (who is lovely) about whether I should be doing all the things that are asked of me, but obviously I don't want to be bothering her all the time. I also feel very unconfident on myself and feel a bit of a fraud! I just want to be confident in what I am doing and good at my role.

I also feel very "young" despite being 35! How do I feel more professional!


woodrunner Thu 27-Feb-14 16:09:29

Can you start by looking over the written job description and duties expected? Make sure you give priority to these. If there is some confusion about the role, perhaps you could use it to your advantage. why not set aside a couple of hours, outside the workplace to think about what you can best offer, and what would make you most happy within the role, and also have a think about which responsibilities you're being given that don't seem to quite fit either the role or you. Are there other jobs within the organisation that you would expect to cover these responsibilities?

Once you have a clear-ish pitch in your mind, you could ask for a meeting with line management to discuss the confusions and offer some clarity/solutions.

Don't forget that everyone else is suffering from impostor syndrome too and isn't quite sure what they should be doing!

As to confidence - are you dressing the part? If appropriate smart suit, make up and hair help. If not, the equivalent ideal work wear for your environment might help you feel more professional.

re we allowed to ask what field you're in?

Whereisme Mon 03-Mar-14 09:23:36

Thanks for your advice. I am the only person doing this role and it is quite a specific role. I am hoping that the longer I am in post the more clear it will become, but will definitely go through job description again.

No problem with wearing smart clothes. In previous jobs I had to wear a uniform so am loving being able to have choice over what I wear! Hair and makeup smart as well. What else can I do to feel more confident and how do you say no nicely, but firmly to people?

Back to work tomorrow so want to go in as the new me!

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