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are there any good, shortish and cheapish, online courses I could do whilst on maternity leave?

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TiredFeet Wed 26-Feb-14 01:34:11

Currently on maternity leave with dc2 and my brain is bored! I love my time with her but I am desperate to use my brain again. I know I could read more books etc but I would quite like to do something structured for the next few months. I have a diploma planned for when I return to work and would like to 'practise' studying again first. In an ideal world the course would in some way boost my cv as I am also starting the hunt for the next step up the career ladder (in local government)
I've started hunting around on line but there's a lot to sift through and I would love recommendations from people who have actually studied any

Imforeverwashingbottles Wed 26-Feb-14 08:18:22

Hi Tiredfeet, congratulations! Have you tried any of the futurelearn courses? They are free courses run by the Open University and various unis across the UK. Unfortunately you don't get any recognition for them but I'm sure they would help you get back into the swing of things before you start your deploma. I'm currently on maternity leave with ds and I'm planning on doing the writing fiction course in April. Hope this helps, good luck!

TiredFeet Wed 26-Feb-14 10:26:39

I have contemplated those, think I looked into them before when I was ill. I would ideally like something that I could put on my cv but I might have a hunt through the list and do one to get me in practise

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