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Temping at the moment - please let me know what you think of this idea

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2sugarsandadog Sat 15-Feb-14 08:06:03

DDS are 14 and 15 and clearly able to manage themselves better now they're older, so I've started temping. Trouble is, the only professional agency I signed up with (ie the only one who actually wanted to see me before they offered me work!) keep offering me jobs in different towns, or jobs in this town for, for example, working twelve weeks for one day a week. Admin/PA/secretarial type stuff.

We've quite a few businesses in the suburb where I live (loads of estate agents, educational establishments etc), and the city centre is only three miles away, so what do you think to writing a speculative letter to local businesses offering my services as a temp? I wouldn't use the companies the where the agency have already offered me jobs so's not to hack them off. Companies might even be seduced by not having to pay agency fees .....

What would I put in the letter? How would I even start it off? Offer to go and see them for an informal chat? Offer to work free for half a day so they can assess my work and worth? Is it a rubbish idea?

Any thoughts?

2sugarsandadog Sat 15-Feb-14 11:24:20

[sa] Anyone?

iwantavuvezela Sat 15-Feb-14 11:26:28

I think this is a good idea, there is always cover needed when staff go off. I wouldn't offer to work for free, I would offer your experience, rates, references, and an ability to cover temp positions. If you look on some university sites, they usually have a career section where you will find good templates for covering letters, speculative letters etc.

MsPickle Sat 15-Feb-14 11:28:14

Great idea!

Agency margins are tight but as a self employed temp you could undercut them. Perhaps call yourself a freelancer rather than a temp to make it clear you're doing it yourself?

How's your CV? I'd approach it with a concise, professional cover letter offering help with the things you can help with, tailoring for the ones you're really interested in. Stress that you're local, available flexibly. There are people who make quite nice livings out of doing similar.

MsPickle Sat 15-Feb-14 11:29:56

But definitely don't offer yourself for free! Be confident. You have something to offer that could help their business. If they want it, they can buy it.

2sugarsandadog Sat 15-Feb-14 14:28:25

H has seen what I've been doing and said no-one will be interested because they will already have a preferred supplier of temps and also won't touch me because I'm not insured. Do you think he's right? sad

addictedtosugar Sat 15-Feb-14 14:35:58

I think it depends on the business size.
As a big corp, there is no way we could take anyone on without going through a preferred supplier BUT focusing on small independents, it could be possible.
They would need to employ you tho, unless you go self employed, so pay / taxes could be interesting.

MsPickle Sat 15-Feb-14 18:13:05

PSLs can always be subverted smile. Yes, a giant corporate might struggle but an sme could definitely do it. You'd just invoice for the hours and do a self assessment tax return. As for insurance, what are you offering to do for them, admin? I don't think most would be bothered for a few days admin work!

MsPickle Sat 15-Feb-14 18:17:03

Also, don't forget that agencies charge (legit, it's hard to make real money running temps unless you're doing it in high volume) on top of the hourly rate. So paying someone good and local directly might well appeal. Also the fact that you could go back, booking through an agency you often can't guarantee you can have the same person.

I work in recruitment btw and think this is definitely a good idea. Lots of businesses cut their 'temp' agency budgets but teams don't stop having short gaps. A cheaper, to them, reliable alternative could be great. Equally you might get a job from it, if your approach is professional, well presented and clear it might land you a job instead of a temp assignment!

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