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How can I earn a little extra cash working online from home?

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Marroman72 Wed 12-Feb-14 09:41:17

I often find myself with a spare hour or two and would like to work doing something online from home: I have internet access and already work as a part time English Language Consultant for a Chinese based company, so my academic, literacy and Computer skills are very good.

I have heard that some online forums can offer editing or proofreading work ( something that I also have experience in )- where can I find out more?

JeanSeberg Wed 12-Feb-14 09:42:37

Transcription work?

BranchingOut Fri 14-Feb-14 08:32:07

There is something called 'ironbridge' which is to do with updating web links or similar.

A poster on here mentioned it a few weeks back.

Christa33 Fri 14-Feb-14 19:40:13

Hey, as the above said you can definitely try transcription work from home. I did this for a little while for a company called Take Note. You can try looking them up and applying. They're always looking for more people but you do have to pass some typing tests - all done online - and it should be easy if you have good English.

You can also put a CV online like on Monster Jobs and specify you want to work from home and what type of work you're looking for. You could also look on websites like Wattpad for potential authors who could use someone to edit their manuscripts for them, which they might then publish as ebooks. There are thousands of members, and not all of them have good english skills. Some will be willing to pay for someone to edit if they're serious about electronically publishing their story by themselves. You'd just have to ask them direct.

You can also try paid surveys. Everyone says this, I know smile I use Vivatic, and you should definitely look them up if you have time. They're good for when you only have about half an hour spare or if you just want to earn some extra cash, maybe to pay for that week's food shop or something. You can do tasks and surveys (between 50p to about £2 each), and they have cash prize draws too. Plus, again you can write short articles (about 200 to 600 words depending) and they pay around £4 to £12 depending on how long it is. They're pretty easy to do but you do have to do a short writing test to make sure you can use proper spelling and such. You have to earn £25 before they will pay out, but they pay direct to PayPal which you can just deposit into your bank. I've made about £50 using them and it's been great for covering me when I'm short.

If you find you have a spare few minutes during the day, like in line at the shops or something, you should definitely try downloading apps to your phone and getting paid for it. You only earn a couple pounds but it all adds up, and it's super easy too. They're and you just test out an app for about a minute and get paid points, which you can use to get cash payments into a paypal account. If you use the code 2ZYHEC when you sign up you start off with some bonus points to get you going. It's good to earn some pennies when you have a few minutes between doing things.

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