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Emms2009 Mon 10-Feb-14 18:26:37


Here I am after a 10 years working in the City. 4 years ago I had my daughter and a lot has happened since in my career: I've left a good job, took the wrong job, was asked to leave, contracted and now I am in another country. Starting all over again? Does anyone have any good career advise to give. I have a good cv but at the moment I feel as if I have not got any good qualifications. I've lost my drive and I want it back... I want a good job and work for a good company again. I now have a great opportunity to start over. However I am not sure as in what... Has anyone got any good career websites, books or other tips as to how to get the work motivation back again? I miss it but can't seem to find my way back in the jungle again ��

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