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been SAHM for last ten years; what do I put on my cv?

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Gatekeeper Fri 07-Feb-14 09:48:38

I'm looking at a blank sheet of paper and I am lost esp. as i have never needed to or done a cv ever before


CareersDragon Fri 07-Feb-14 12:12:14

Hi Gatekeeper,

There's lots of information and advice about returning to work & preparing your CV on:

I know it's hard when you've been at home for a long time, but I'm sure that you've had lots of experiences that you can use. Rather than focussing on jobs, I'd suggest that you take the job spec/ person spec of the jobs that you want to apply for, and go through them point by point.
So, if the job/person spec calls for "familiarity with using IT packages", think of what you've ever done that shows you can do that. If you notice a glaring omission from your experiences, you can try & fill it now, perhaps with some voluntary work or a short course.
Of course, if you have nothing to say about a particular requirement of the job, then you can omit that entirely from your cv.

Good luck!

Gatekeeper Fri 07-Feb-14 13:31:38

thank you; very helpful website

I've just rang a local charitable organisation and I'm going to see them after half term to discuss volunteering. It's a start!

JeanSeberg Fri 07-Feb-14 13:34:16

What job did you do previously?

Gatekeeper Fri 07-Feb-14 14:40:57

civil servant (admin officer) for 21+ yrs

MrsAMerrick Sun 09-Feb-14 18:06:09

I've never not worked, so can't advise about that, but quite often when I've applied for jobs, I've referred to my non-paid-work roles.

For example, the first time I applied for a job which involved managing other team members, I used my experiences as chair of the personnel committee as a school governor to explain how I understood managing people, I had also assessed the performance of the head teacher so I talked about that in my application and also referred to it in the interview (and got the job!).

I've also referred to other committee and voluntary work I've done, it's amazing how you can use that sort of experience, don't rule it out just becase it's not paid work.

I'm sure you have got lots of related experience, if not then concentrate on doing somd voluntary work if you can which coukd be relevant, eg doing some admin for a charity which will show that you are keen to return to an admin role.

I found that being a school governor was really interesting and developed my skills in a way that I hadn't anticipated. It is at least a 4 year commitment though!

WotchOotErAPolis Mon 10-Feb-14 11:04:28

Agree whole-heartedly with MrsAM!

I was a SAHM for 15 years or so, but had done lots of voluntary work so used that. There is also no shame in just saying "career break to raise my family". No employer worth working for will see that as a negative, so don't worry about putting it in. It's better to put something than have a clear 'hole' in your timeline.

JeanSeberg Mon 10-Feb-14 11:17:05

As an employer, I also wouldn't have a problem with your CV. 21 years with the same organisation shows a fantastic commitment.

Are you looking to go back into a similar line of work?

Gatekeeper Fri 14-Feb-14 15:12:16

Yes I'm looking for admin work; but nothing too taxing for my perimenopausal brain grin

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