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TA job at my children's school

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peppajay Thu 06-Feb-14 09:57:04

I have just finished my Level 2 supporting teaching and learning in schools and have done my placement at my children's school and still help out one morning a week. I have noticed online that there is a part time TA job going there closing date tomorrow!! Must have missed it on the council website when looked last week. I have helped there for over 3 years and have my own groups that I work with and help. However the head isn't keen on parents being employed in the school she hasn't said as much but parents with qualifications often apply and never get anywhere. I felt I have given the school so much that I think they should at least consider my application. I would understand it if is based in my children's class or even their year- I then wouldn't bother as it wouldn't be good for me or them, but the application doesn't say which year group it is in. I have just called the school and the SENCO who is in charge of the applications is on a course today and tomorrow so I will fill in the form but just wondered if there is anybody on here who is a TA in their children's school or who has applied for positions in their children's school. Thanks

SunnyRandall Thu 06-Feb-14 10:09:35

Not me but at my dc school there are two TAs who have children at the school. One in the same class as she works. Don't see the issue personally.

Good luck with your application, you sound perfect for the role!

hootloop Thu 06-Feb-14 10:14:33

I was a teacher, I have had a TA whose child was I the school who had trouble with boundaries she could not separate being Mrs x from being x's mum and acted more as a a parent than a member of staff.
I think if you are able to to maintain very clear boundaries and not give your your child and your child's friends special attention. Or share too much information about the school with your parent friends then it is possible but it is not a position I I would ever want to be in.
Good luck with your application.

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