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Do other mums have childcare arranged before applying for jobs?

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Simsim1 Sun 02-Feb-14 20:12:59

I'm going to start applying for part time jobs soon, ds is 2 and I would prefer to put him in nursery rather than with a childminder. Some nurseries have really long waiting lists, plus i'm not in a position to put him on a waiting list as I don't even know which days I might be working. What do you do if you have a job offer and they want you to start immediately?

I can't afford to put him in nursery until I actually find a job!

fluterby Mon 03-Feb-14 11:03:42

I think with mine, after I was offered the job I just negotiated with the line manager about a start date, depending on when I could get dc into the nursery.

I'd already been to look round the nurseries to get an idea of which I liked and what the fees were.

Most people have to give a month's notice of their last job and references can take ages to come through. If you're not in a position to start immediately, you can just say that.

RoadToTuapeka Wed 05-Feb-14 01:18:49

I am starting now to look at daycare options and looking for jobs. It is really difficult as with no job yet, I don't have a clear start date for nursery nor any idea if whether an employer will take 3 days or will ask me to work 4.

I have an idea that jobs will most likely be in one of three or 4 geographic locations, so I need daycare near where I live, or else in a location on the way-ish to any of the 3 most likely locations.

The nurseries I like are highly subscribed - waiting lists for all or some days. So I need to plan to possibly have a childminder as a fall back option for the day/s I might be on a waiting list for. Nanny is too expensive even compared with nursery for my two children.

I have put their names down at my favourite nursery for a hopeful start date in April (hopefully I will have a job by then!). If I don't, but places at nursery come up, I have to take the places then anyway or go down on the waiting list again. And will probably have to mix and match nursery and childminder until all the days I need at the favourite nursery are available. I am not relishing looking for a childminder not knowing what days I will want nor the contract length. And not great for the children to have two day care set ups to adjust to. But I don't want to send them to a nursery I am not happy with either - the ones with spaces available seem to be less full for a reason, it seems to me.

It is really hard! I am envious of people who have parents etc who could step in temporarily but this is not an option for me. I just hope that a job cones up and nursery magically has places when I need them.

I am lucky in that only one nursery I looked at takes a fee for putting you on the waiting list but where I used to live in London they all did, I ended up paying loads to be on waiting lists that actually I was looking at too late to have a chance if getting the baby into by the time I'd have had to return to work, and was really lucky a new nursery opened up just in time that I liked.

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