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Completely stressed about my working hours!

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Sammie101 Tue 28-Jan-14 19:37:15

Hi all! I'm in panic mode and this will probably be a long one, so I apologise now for that. I work 25 hours in a large department store. My DD is 6 months and I'm due to go back to work in the middle of April. Before Christmas I was in the shop and mentioned to my manager that I'd like to do 16 hours when I come back. He said get Christmas over and we'll sort it out after!

Today I'm in the shop chatting to my supervisor and telling her DD was on the waiting list for nursery. I mentioned that I'd like to put her in a full day so I could do two 8 hour shifts throughout the week and a 4 hour shift on a Saturday as I wouldn't realistically be able to afford to work only 16 hours.

She then said I wasn't able to do this as if I work a 16 hour contract I have to spread the hours over 4 days, 20 hours is spread over 5 days and 25 hours is also over 5 days.

Now I'm in such a panic because:

-we simply cannot afford to do this. Me and my boyfriend are both paid minimum wage. He works set shifts every week which make it difficult for me to work on the same day while he looks after the baby.

-if I work more than 3 days a week it would be more cost effective for me to buy a metro pass. This will cost just under £70 every 4 weeks.

-if I did 4 hours over 4 days and we put DD in nursery 1 day a week as planned, my DP would look after her another day (which is our original plan). We would then have to either find someone to look after her for the other 2 days or my DP would have to look after her on his other day off while I work. I know families often don't get 1 day where they're all off but I would really like at least 1 day per week where we are all off and can spend the day together. If I chose to do 20 hours even if DP did look after her both days, this still leaves 2 days she would have to be looked after by relatives.

-I feel we cannot rely on family and friends to provide child care because all my family work and frequently go on long holidays. It to me, would not be fair to ask someone to babysit a set day a week because they may have plans, be ill etc

-I was planning to put DD in nursery a full day, 2 afternoons would cost more and because of travel I still would not be able to pick up AND drop off. Plus we already live modestly and even claiming with claiming up to 70% of childcare fees back we wouldn't have much money left and we just simply can't afford this.

So I think I have written down everything. My question is (after all that!) what should my next step be? Should I email my manager and ask for a keeping in touch day to propose my ideal shifts and see what he says?

And if he says the same as my supervisor what should I do? Because I just simply can't do 4 or 5 days of 4 hour shifts!

Any help and advice is very gratefully received! I'm dreading it if my manager says I'd have to do 4 hour shifts because I am not confrontational and I am not good at sticking up for myself sad

Thank you smile

justdrankacappuccino Tue 28-Jan-14 21:23:14

Email your boss. Tell him you are making plans to come back to work and due to logistics/finances/etc. you would really like to go back on two full days and four hours on Saturday.

See what he says. It might be fine. If so you're all done. If not, re-iterate why you want those hours. Emphasize the fact that you are really looking forward to coming back to work, etc, etc.

Don't worry about something that hasn't even happened. That's just a complete waste of energy.

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