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Shybairns Wed 15-Jan-14 10:37:07

Am lost as to what career I should pursue. Apart from a short stint at M&S over Christmas I haven't worked for 6 years.

Before that I was Cabin Crew for 7 years.

The only job I've ever really dreamt of doing is becoming a midwife. And seeing as I am now about to be divorced and have to DCs aged 5 and 7 it seems that dream must remain on the shelf.

Even if I was lucky enough to get on a course I believe it is extremely difficult to get a job now a days as a midwife.

So I am at a loss. Want to do something caring and medical based but have no quals. (happy to take time to get some)
Eventually, as in 3-5 years down the road I want to be earning 25 - 30K.

I enjoy spending time with teenagers and think I could relate well with them. I also could relate to the elderly.

I need something with reasonably regular hours that doesn't take me away from the kids for days on end.

No clue what to be looking for.

Have been applying for Customer Service Admin jobs but not getting anywhere due to lack of experience and lack of quals.

Would love some advice/opinions.

callamia Wed 15-Jan-14 16:58:33

Do you want/need to work immediately, or could you take some time to study as well (even part time)?

What about working with supported housing organisations? My undergrad students often do this as part-time work, so I'm pretty sure you don't need formal qualifications, and you may also be able to work towards NVQs or similar while you work. You'd work with potentially vulnerable clients; including elderly, and I think if you are good - it's the kind of job you can work up from.

lekkerslaap Wed 15-Jan-14 23:01:11

I'd say dip your toe in the water of the direction you're interested.


Volunteer or apply for entry level jobs along the lines of Health Care Assistant, working for a housing association, something to do with older people, pastoral work within school, etc.

Don't bother with the customer service admin jobs. There are fewer jobs around now than ever before so they are totally over subscribed. The only people getting to interview have lots of recent relevant experience. Admin is the rocky road to nowhere IME.

horsetowater Wed 15-Jan-14 23:05:15

If you want to do a mentoring / caring type job, a lot of charities have free training for volunteers.

Shybairns Fri 17-Jan-14 09:20:30

Thanks guys. Am looking in to pastoral care roles in high schools. Would happily volunteer to gain experience. Have contacted a few schools and am looking into what courses I could take to get into this area.
Also what the likely hood is of actually finding a job in this area.

Ej7816 Wed 29-Jan-14 22:45:48

Hi Shybairns,
I'm in a similar situation to you. I've 2 DC's 4 & 11 & have been out of full time work since having my eldest. I've had a couple of part time jobs & did some admin training before I had my youngest, but would be 'rusty' if I applied for that kind of work now after nearly 5yrs!
Recently my husband has been made redundant & because of his epilepsy will find it difficult if not impossible to find another job, Therefore realistically, it's down to me to find a well paid job that will support us (around the 25+ mark). I appreciate I'm going to have to qualify in a field that will earn me that kind of money & have also looked into nursing.

A friend of mine is a Physio assistant & is on just over 20, which would be a great start & they also encourage you to go to university eventually & may pay for training. A bonus is that with 2 kids it's a 9-5 mon-fri working week so may be worth enquiring about? I've also thought about OT work, being the 9-5, mon-fri as well.

Let us know how you're getting on anyway, and any ideas we can pass between us would be great :-)

Keep smiling xx

Shybairns Thu 30-Jan-14 19:41:23

Hi Ej7816 Am encouraged by what I have learned about the roles available in high schools. Have found a high school with a strong pastoral care programme. They are happy for me to volunteer and shadow their team for 6 weeks after half term. It may not end in a job but I am excited to have the experience.

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