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How to approach employer about a change of hours?

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Jemster Tue 19-Nov-13 23:09:59

I posted last week about how I'm finding working 5 mornings stressful, what with leaving late, rushing to get dc from childminder & school and not finding time to eat some days. I am getting more & more stressed by the week and am worried as I have a health condition that can flare up under stress.

I had lots of responses to my post saying 3 full days would be less stressful than 5 days.
Now I need to approach my employer about it but I'm really nervous as I know they prefer the continuity of having someone there every day and are quite likely to say no.

I am not very confident and am unsure how to approach them in the best way so it doesn't come across as all me me me!

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions or advice as to how to go about this. Thanks.

janey68 Wed 20-Nov-13 07:14:07

You'll need to make a case for being able to do your job at least as effectively over 3 full days rather than 5 mornings. That's really the only thing your employer will be concerned about. They won't be interested in whether its a rush for you in the mornings. That's not meant to sound harsh; just honest, so your best bet is to focus on how you think 3 days will benefit the employer. Without knowing what line of work it is, it's hard to advise further but I guess things like being able to complete your tasks more effectively would be relevant. On the other hand if your role is more about being there consistently it would be hard to argue that one

I guess if you have a health issue where the medical advice is that it will be lessened by working 3 full days then that will carry some weight, but again, without knowing the details and whether your doctor could make that claim its hard to know

somethingawfulonit Fri 22-Nov-13 18:50:09

Would it be financially possible for you to actually cut your hours? So that you did 3 days as they are currently, and someone else did the other 2? So you did a job share, effectively? It can work out really well, because if you are ill, or your children are ill on your 3 days, there is always the possibility of calling the second person in to cover for you, and vice versa. I'm not in this lucky position myself, but I know someone that is, and it works fantastically. Worth thinking about?

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