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Help please! I'm underpaid and would like to ask for a raise before returning from mat leave

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schnockles Thu 14-Nov-13 11:23:56


I am aiming to return to work in the New Year, either full or part time, after nine months of maternity leave. I've done my research and I am being paid between £5k-£15k less than my counterparts with similar experience at competitor firms.

A complicating factor is that my managing director has changed since going on maternity leave. My new MD is French, based at our head office in France, and therefore is not knowledgable of UK maternity rights etc. He has been supportive so far and glad I want to come back before my year is up.

I know I've earned a salary increase. I'm much better at my job than I was when I joined three years ago (so that's three years without a raise) and can show how I as value to the business etc.

Am delusional in asking for a raise now? Any advice? I'm due to have a telephone conversation with today or tomorrow. Obviously I'd rather do this in person but he's not in the UK office until the end of the month!

Thanks smile

schnockles Thu 14-Nov-13 19:42:10


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