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work full/part time and restructuring advice needed

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cat88 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:09:21

I'm back at work after maternity leave and its a huge time of restructuring. Whilst on leave I was asked, since the role had moved on, if I would consider coming back full time. I did offer to up my hours to over 30 hours per week, provided I could work some (only the additional hours) from home, as my employer is supposed to be encouraging this. However this was knocked back and I came back on the understanding I would work 3 days and someone else would be recruited for 2 days a week. To allow me to get up to speed, my maternity cover (full time) would be kept on until the end of the year. However we are now merging with another section and there will effectively be two of us plus my maternity cover going for the one position - other two are both full time. I have not been allowed access to emails etc, key meetings on the restructuring, since I am not currently doing my original role and wont be until January. I am therefore out of the loop on whats going on and feel disadvantaged but want to try carefully and find out where I stand. Any advice?

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