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Choosing between 2 jobs

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gingerbead Mon 04-Nov-13 11:52:56

After some advice as confused about a potential situation that may arise.

I have been job hunting for a few months and last week secured a great job. I also have a second interview for another job tomorrow. I know there is nothing to say I will get offered other job but want to be prepared if I do have to choose!

Job 1 is local, great organisation doing something I an good at and have experience of. Good salary, progression, ability to go part time (they are great supporters of family friendly working). Have been offered this one.

Job 2 further away, less money. Working I. Something have wanted to do fir a while but little progression unless undertake considerable training. Small organisation so unsure about Mat leave and part time working. Have this interview tomorrow.

The reason I am interested in May leave etc is that we are thinking of starting a family in another year or so!

Any advice greatly received!

gingerbead Mon 04-Nov-13 11:53:56

Excuse spelling mistakes, mat not may!

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